Lea(h) Buragiewicz

UX / Product designer

Multi-disciplinary product designer, humanist, psychology enthusiast & educator, driven by curiosity, and fascinated by the impact of design on human behavior. 

I thrive at the intersection of Experience design, Strategy, and Human connection. I’m all for research, simplicity, the ‘why?’ question and the ‘less is more’ approach. I aim for crafting digital products that respond to the real needs of the users and are pleasant and easy to use.




I finished 3 faculties - I studied Psychology, Graphic Design, and Interactive Media Design, and I have over 5 years of professional experience working in Visual Design, Advertising, and Campaigning. I started my career working for big advertising agencies (VML, Tribal DDB, LBI Netherlands).  Then I developed an educational tool about Gender & Sexual Diversity (thegenderbreadkit.com) and regularly led interactive workshops for high-school and university students. Later I moved to campaigning for Non-Profits (Oxfam) and funnily enough, this is where I fell in love with UX design and decided to do a career-switch. 

While working for Oxfam on a multinational Fair Banking Platform, I studied people's needs and sought behavior of users from five, culturally very different countries (Japan, Sweden, Brazil, France, and Indonesia) and this is when I realized that UX design is a perfect intersection of all fields of my interest - Social campaigning, Psychology, Visual Design, Education and Interactive Media Design.

For the last 6 years, I've been working in product teams and helping companies to define their digital strategy, design, and product direction, learn from their users and turn those insights into products people love to use. I worked for Rocket Internet, for their real estate related start-up called Nestpick. Later on, I joined SoundCloud - one of the biggest music and podcast streaming platforms. Switched to IDAGIO - also Music Steaming but this time for Classical Music lovers, and after over a year was recruited to 8fit a fitness app that I've been using myself and I've been a big fan of.  On top of that, I've helped with various assignments on the freelance basis.

I really enjoy the feeling of progress so I do like to learn.
I also like to feel I'm contributing to something bigger and am part of a community. Therefore, on the side, I am a regular participant in all kinds of tech-related meet-ups. I strongly believe that we need more diversity in workplaces and I'm a strong advocate of that.